How it works

Night Fever

Night Fever is an application for smartphones that use iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android, which will allow you to enjoy the night life wherever you go. There are many Apps with this searching functions on maps, but the idea that points out and differentiates Night Fever from all other app concerning the nightlife, is to employ a dynamic and "alive" map to find the hot spots in the city. All this thanks to a geo-locate system that aggregates real-time GPS signals of all users, and uses it so you can identify at a glance the busiest areas of your city, the number of people present inside the premises and how many of these people are among your friends.

Therefore this is not the usual map that alerts you about the locals in the neighborhoods, maybe the closed one, the ones out of fashion or simply the ones having a slow night. This is an application that will allow you to choose and will keep you informed instant time about current events and their real success. In few words, wherever you go, you will have a map, “alive” in your hands in the city.

Let analyze with the help of screenshots the main features of this application.

A closer look

The “Social” section enables you to create a profile with your name, gender, city, email and phone number. By clicking on it you can call the Night Fever user directly. All data are optional, however, between no-friends users will only be displayed the name and the city. The notifications section allows you to receive updates when a friend changes his or her state, when you receive a friend request or when you receive a message; you can set notifications to your liking in the "preferences". Clicking on friends you access to the list where you can see all your friends in Night Fever. On the top right there is a magnifying glass icon: by clicking on it you will have the ability to search for other users by name, last name or city. To request friendship just go to the page of the desired user and click "Request friendship." As mentioned above, in the " preferences ", you can choose whether to appear or not visible to friends and set your liking alerts for notifications.