What is it?

Night Fever: a dynamic and "alive" map to discover the hottest places in all the cities around world!

The App will let you experience the best nightlife, wherever you go.
Imagine being able to use your iPhone to find out discos, pubs, places based on your location,... done already, you’ll think.... Then imagine these places really alive and popular ... even if they are simple meeting places of a city!
Therefore this is not the usual map that alerts you about locals in the neighborhoods, maybe the closed ones, out of fashion, or simply in ones having a wrong night, but an app that will allow you to choose updating you about current events and their real success...
You can understand at a glance, thanks to a map that combines in real time the GPS signals of all users, hot spots of the city .... And you’ll able to point out the haunts or the events to share with friends and with the whole Night Fever world.
Install it and discover all of Night Fever's features!

A few features

Usability 80%
Accessibility 90%
Avg. monthly downloads 70%
Ease of use 90%